Process authorization requests ✍️

This endpoint exists to approve authorization requests sent via webhooks. When a user initiates a charge via our SDK across any of the available products, we send a webhook in a format like this. You are expected to extract the reference so you can use it to authorize the direct charge request.


Learn more about webhooks here.


URL ParameterDescription
{{AUTHORIZATION_CHARGE_REFERENCE}}the reference sent via webhook

Sample body

"event": "success"

Field requirements

Field nameData typeRequired

Supported events

successshould be used to approve a request
insufficient_fundsshould be used to reject a request in the case where a user does not have sufficient funds
business_declineshould be used if the business declines a request at their own discretion
user_declineshould be used when the user declines a request

Sample response

Check out the anatomy of a transaction object.

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